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Lawn memorials, Cremation plaques, Vases, Head Stones & Kerb Sets, Pet memorials & House Names.

General information on materials

There are many types of materials available, however the most common are Granite, Marble and Stone.


Some quarried in this country but most imported from abroad, almost any colour is available but the Black and Grey tend to be the most widely used. Honed Karin, Black and Dark Grey  granite are now permitted in church yards.


Marble is imported from Italy and at one time was probably the best known material for memorials unfortunately though it is no longer allowed in church yards, although is still used in cemeteries.


In this country we still have some widely known quarried materials such as such as Yorkshire Stone and Portland Stone.

Although Nabresina Stone is a very durable material and accepts lead filled letters and is widely used in churchyards and cemeteries. .


Both blue/black slate and green Lakelands slate are also used in both churchyards and cemeteries.

General information on Lettering

We pride ourselves in being able to hand carve letters, machine cut and sand blast, on any material!

Some materials will suit certain types of lettering better than others, for example flush lead letters are used mostly on marble and nabresina memorials, cut or either guilded letting are enameled on granite, and other deeply carved letters are only on certain materials such as york.


General information on Fees

There are fees payable to erect a memorial or add a new inscription on an existing memorial in a church yard or cemetery.

We deal with all the formalities on your behalf.

We will contact the church or cemetery authority for you and pay the relevant fee, we will then simply add this to the invoice on completion of the memorial.


If you would like to consider insuring the memorials we would be pleased to arrange this for you, please ask for more details on this subject.

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